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registered: 20.03.2017
05.07.2021, 10:57 offline quote 

Hey. A few of us regulars who play in the DM server noticed it was gone, we were wondering what happened?

.øp^ shearfear Clanmember
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registered: 25.05.2016
06.07.2021, 12:35 offline quote 

Hi Rahl, good to see you it’s been a long time. Unfortunately my servers will not be returning. Please read the home page/news for the message I wrote regarding that or click here https://onpoint-esport...ws_comments&newsID=21.

I’ve had a couple people message me now that are upset I’m no longer hosting.
I apologise but enough is enough, I appreciate all the time you and your friends spent in my servers you kept them alive and popular.
I just want to make it clear that this isn’t really about money, I know I wrote the figures up which it had cost me so far but that was to just make it clear that I was financially “keeping the game alive” for many years and was asking for nothing in return. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford it I just wanted people to realise I don’t just turn a spare pc on and host from home or something. I did this professionally and in the best reliable way. Of course that would incurs fees, I don’t think anybody in the community was aware of this.

In a way I wish I kept them up so you guys had somewhere to play with a sense of freedom and not be afraid to get constantly punted or spied on for example. However, I’m just done with it all now. I go away for many months at a time yet I still kept everything running and paid for. I wasn’t respected or others around me, enough, to warrant me to continue to do this any longer. Why should I offer things to other people that just take it for granted and talk shit behind my back?! I won’t do it anymore.

I’ve also defaced the outlaws stats page and disabled the uploading of stats. Another thing I provided, i spent ages re-coding (babstats) to get working in this day and age with new php version. I then had to host the site of course which cost money. That wasn’t for me either, I didn’t even use it or upload any stats. That was just out of kindness. I spent weeks coding the stats page to work as tons of it was using deprecated code that no longer worked. I put time and money in to people who clearly didn’t respect me enough or people around me.

So there you have it. I’m sorry Rahl but people can only walk over you for so long.
Goodluck with land warrior, remember, big brother is watching.

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registered: 20.03.2017
19.07.2021, 09:01 offline quote 

Hey SF. It's good to hear from you again also. I saw your newsletter after I made this post. I just want to say thanks for having your server. I understand why you chose to drop it though. No one even plays at night anymore cause it's just outlaws. We all miss you. Me,Crimson Camel , JGP(goes by gas can now) , Voodoo QW, . but you're right. Theres Alot of assholes who dont appreciate a good thing someone's doing. Anyway hope to see you around sometime in game

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registered: 27.03.2019
21.07.2021, 16:10 offline quote 

disabling recoil on host options leads to punting.

from memory perhaps having cheatblocker installed or maybe a host controller program to disable it may work, but besides that, the only way i know of and presume outlaws do, is for the host machine to run a trainer...

now since you've packed in, there is another guy looking to host, mainly for fun but he needs a way to get round punting, so if u have it, or simply have the trainer, can u send, thanks babe

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