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øp^ Šhøgµñ Clanmember
Rank 4
56 Posts
registered: 29.06.2016
12.07.2017, 01:46 offline quote 

1. What is your current and past in-game name/s?:
- Shogun

2. Do you have any previous squad/clan history? If so, please name them:
-Op, DBD (mistake)

3. Which game would you be interested in playing with OnPoint-eSports, DF1/DF2/DFLW or all 3?:

4. How did you find out about OnPoint-eSports?
-Cuz shearfear is the man!

5. What days and what times would you be active at your pc / in-game? (Please include time zone):
-Errrrrrrrday EST time zone

6. Do you have a microphone/headset and TeamSpeak installed?:
-Of course, i like to pretend im working the drive thru at Wendys

7. How long have you been playing in the Delta Force series and which game did you spend the most time in?:
-I just started yesterday

8. Why do you want to join OnPoint-eSports?:
-Its the best squad on DFLW. It feels right. Also, Netherlands Nayeli said he misses me... amused

.øp^ shearfear Clanmember
101 Posts
registered: 25.05.2016
12.07.2017, 16:37 offline quote 

I'm not going to lie.... I was patiently waiting for this post to appear haha!
Of course you can come back dude, it kind of felt like you never left in the first place anyway so it's a definite acceptance from us.
I wasn't really actively recruiting any more (at the moment), but that clearly didn't apply for you.
Glad to see you on the right path again bro, let's get some games going smile
Happy to have you back as I'm sure the rest are.

øp^ Šhøgµñ Clanmember
Rank 4
56 Posts
registered: 29.06.2016
12.07.2017, 20:27 offline quote 

worrrrrrd! yeah your're right, it does feel like ive never left! we all make dumb choices from time to time! thanks for everything! I look forward for whatever the future holds!

.Sk- Clanmember
Rank 3
43 Posts
registered: 03.03.2017
16.07.2017, 20:50 offline quote 

Welcome back m8. Good to have you.

øp^ Šhøgµñ Clanmember
Rank 4
56 Posts
registered: 29.06.2016
17.07.2017, 02:26 offline quote 

Thanks brother! Its been awesome playing with you all lately!

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