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11.04.17 21:31
Welcome mK & Zz

3986 views - 4 replays
09.03.17 22:18
OnPoint VS DBD

6952 views - 8 replays
08.03.17 02:02
Welcome Alipali!

1927 views - 2 replays
07.03.17 03:19
DFLW Screenshots

4951 views - 6 replays
04.07.16 18:08
Youtube / Twitch

2194 views - 1 replays
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06.03.19 08:02
DFLW Screenshots
Found a random screenshot in a folder, 66-9 can't remember the game to be honest but trying...
06.03.19 07:19
Merry Christmas n00bs!
[quote]just played in the hardcore DM server. No spawn armor? Fkn amazing, only 20 years too...
22.12.18 09:30
New OP Maps
[quote=øp^ Šhøgµñ]Made a new map today, Booty Shake![/quote]

Awesome stuff buddy, looking...
22.12.18 09:09
Merry Christmas n00bs!
07.09.18 11:29
[quote]Is the main server down? I can't log in...are you seeing the same?[/quote]

Hey Ali,...
07.08.18 09:03
DM server maps with tunnels
Thank you very much Rahl, I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. I unfortunately...
04.08.18 04:36
Good games tonight
Was fun while it lasted m8, was good seeing you around! Was nice to also throw a couple df2...
23.07.18 12:18
Welcome to the forum Alcarin! It will be good to see you in-game, there is still quite a few...
12.05.18 07:03
i"m back
Straight to the point!..... SEE YOU IN GAME NOW :D :aug:
12.05.18 06:56
[quote]I'm trying my hardest to get back here. everything seems to be working out! Between...

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