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Delta Force Task Force Dagger Full Game 100% Working (2020)
***Online Lobby WORKING. Many thanks to Scott @ NovaHQ for a new alternative lobby! There should be no problem getting online in DFTFD now as you have 3 lobbies to choose from, Official Novaworld / Novaworld.cc / NovaHQ - 1 Official and 2 alternative.***

Here is a 100% working full game download of Delta Force Task Force Dagger (DFTFD). Confirmed working on Windows 10. It is fully updated and also using an alternative lobby as the official Novaworld one has gone down on various occasions. That is now a thing of the past, you can now successfully play online / multiplayer with friends without any issues! If you want to host your own server, that won't be a problem either. We have tested and confirmed online works for both playing and hosting. If hosting, we suggest using the ImportX tool by NovaWorld.cc to display your server and connected players in the lobby.

No additional files are required to play, such as No-Cd, Update, Lobby fix and so on. They are already included with this download and installed. Simply just open 'DFTFD.exe' to load the game.

So what are you waiting for? Download the game now and hopefully we will see you on the battlefield!

*If your game freezes when joining multiplayer, we suggest setting DFTFD.exe to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3 and also run as an Administrator.
All of this can be done by Right-Clicking DFTFD.exe, go to Properties and then Compatibility tab. Some people will have to do this, and some people won't, it's all down to your system.
Just try the game first and if it freezes when trying to join multiplayer then just follow them steps to resolve it. We HAVE included a patched exe which has a VON fix built in so this may not be necessary at all but if you are still having problems just do the previous steps.*

Please only download Delta Force Task Force Dagger Full Game if you have previously purchased it. We do not condone any piracy what-so-ever. By downloading this game you confirm you have paid for this game previously, and have either lost your disk or cannot get the game to work and require a fully patched working version. If you do not fit into either of these categories then please do NOT download this. Support the producers of the game (Novalogic) and buy it.
Details & Download: Delta Force Task Force Dagger Full Game 100% Working (2020)
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