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Welcome mK & Zz
written by .øp^ shearfear - 11.04.2017 - 21:38
Hey all, this message is overdue as I didn't get around to posting it until now. Recently we have had 2 more players join the OnPoint-eSports DFLW team! Please welcome aboard USA mK and Belgium Zz (ZzexX - also uses a volume icon as name in-game lol).

USA mK / Thallium.mk used to play with prophet back in the day in -SoC- so they've known eachother for quite some time. Hes a decent player and looking forward to playing matches / scrims with us! Definitely a great addition to the team, hope you enjoy your stay here and looking forward to playing many games together! smile

Belgium Zz , me and Skorch have been trying for the last few weeks to get you to join us and it was always a "maybe, hmm, ill think about it" and so on response... but we finally convinced you!! We're so happy you joined us, enjoyed playing many games with you over the last months and appreciated you stepping up and filling in for us in a recent match when we was a player short. Another great addition to the team! You fit in really well with us guys, and get along with everyone. Watch out guys, she may be a girl but she's got a deadly aim when she's focused! A real good stock/stat player! Watch this space! Welcome aboard Zz! smiling

Please reply on the FORUM and make them feel welcome people, looking forward to future games.
See ya all soon! - sF
written by .øp^ shearfear - 01.04.2017 - 21:26
Squad match against USA .dk. / Deadly Killers on 01.04.2017

Result: 1:2 - LOSS for OnPoint
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.øp^ team: .øp^ shearfear, .Sk-, alipalix, CbT, ZzexX.
.dk. team: os, 17, nub, 54, mush

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clanwar details
written by .øp^ shearfear - 19.03.2017 - 21:36
Squad match against USA [DBD] / Death Before Dishonour on 19.03.2017

Result: 551:285 - WIN for OnPoint
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.øp^ team: .øp^ shearfear, .Sk-, >L.w.†.š.†p, Nayeli
[DBD] team: Warlord, Shogun, Lord Rahl, StraitArrow, MM-1

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clanwar details
written by .øp^ shearfear - 15.03.2017 - 03:21
Fantastic news guys!
Today we have two new additions to the team! First off we have USA .øp^ prophet hes a decent player, highly skilled and has a very similar play-style to other members of our team so will be a great additional gunner to the lineup! Hes a real oldschool type. We've played various games over the last few weeks and he seems like a really nice guy. His ex-teams are: Tk.-, SoC-. Welcome him aboard lads! Hes a fantastic addition to the team!

Secondly we have USA SideEffect hes only just today returned to DFLW after many years break! Let me tell you, it's not taken him long to get to grips with the game again! After a few maps he was already dominating. Watch this space, hes only just warming up! He was a big DFTFD player back in the day, but did also play DFLW. His ex teams are =DUB= The Dubies and ^FF^ Fear Factory. He loves CTF and Flagball, that's what he mainly played. He has kindly provided us with a bunch of maps for one of our servers so I've gone ahead and setup a CTF server for us! The maps look like they'll be a lot of fun to play! Medium / CQB gunner style maps. Thanks for that buddy! Welcome aboard SideEffect.

So that's it... the day is now over but what a great day it has been! 5 of us was online today playing and it was a blast! Real fun. Looking forward to the future of OnPoint! We're a very strong team.

Please welcome them both by replying in the forums: http://onpoint-esports...site=forum_topic&topic=19
written by .øp^ shearfear - 12.03.2017 - 21:40
Squad match against DBD / Death Before Dishonour on 12.03.2017

result: 3:0

.øp^ team: .øp^ shearfear, >L.w.†.š.†p
DBD team: Warlord, Shogun, Lord Rahl, StraitArrow

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clanwar details
New members
written by .øp^ shearfear - 08.03.2017 - 02:07
Well well well, what can I say!? We've got 2 new members in the .op^ dflw lineup!
I'm really happy with how things have been going lately, it's nice to see the server being so popular too! Things are looking good for op at this rate.

Please welcome USA .Sk- and USA alipalix to the team by posting in the forum: http://onpoint-esports...ex.php?site=forum&board=7
They are both great additions to the team! Our lineup is looking very strong now. There's another 1 or 2 people that I've got my eye on at the moment who I'd love to join us here at OnPoint. Watch this space!
written by .øp^ shearfear - 28.02.2017 - 02:01
Hey again!
I just wanted to let the daily visitors know I have created another website called DFStats.tk.
The reason why I have done this is because not many servers have online babstats for their players so I have now made a page that any DFLW server admin may connect to and upload stats. The good thing about this is the whole DFLW Community will have one place to go to where they can view all their stats from ALL servers. Usually each server would have their own stats but by giving the server admins access to my site, we can all upload and share our in-game kills/deaths/gun stats and so on and it will be in one easy to find place.

It's much better having stats from all servers rather than individual server stats... but that's my opinion.
I personally think this was a great idea and the domain name is very easy to remember, it doesn't have random sub-domain extensions so its nice and short.

To all the server admins out there please private message me: HERE asking for the babstats upload information for Lan Messenger.
I will respond to you shortly with the info you need, the sooner we get this done guys the better. I've mentioned it to a few players in-game and they all seemed happy about it!

See you soon guys!
Best of luck in-game.
.øp^ shèárfèár
DFLW Lobby Fix 2017
written by .øp^ shearfear - 26.02.2017 - 23:26
Hey all,
The last few days the Novaworld.cc alternative lobby has been offline. I'm sure it will come back sooner or later but luckily Scott over at NovaHQ has created another alternative lobby for the DF Community and is hosting it on the novahq site.

You will have 3 lobbies to choose from now when trying to join multiplayer, 1: Official Novaworld, 2: Novaworld.cc, 3: NovaHQ.
So whenever one goes down/offline simply join another one smiling You should have no problems getting online now!

I have put a download for the lobby fix in the dflw download section here: http://onpoint-esports...dex.php?site=files&file=8
I've also updated the DFLW full game download with the new lobby fix here: http://onpoint-esports...dex.php?site=files&file=7

Hope that helps anyone who couldn't get online lately!
Good luck and have fun. smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile
Inactive lately.
written by .øp^ shearfear - 22.08.2016 - 13:37
What's up guys, I just wanted to write an apology to you all regarding my recent absence from DFLW.
I've been very busy over the last month or two and did not have many opportunities to come online to have games with you all.
I now currently have family members staying at my home for a holiday, so I will still be a bit busy but I should be able to come online more often in the evenings now! So that's some good news atleast. I do miss playing with you all, but you know how it is... sometimes life just gets in the way.

Also to any people out there interested in joining OP, feel free to post in the forums or fill out the Join-Us form. I am aware that some people have been interested in joining so just to let you know the clan/squad isn't dead! I personally have just been very busy and not been around lately, we are still looking for new members smiling

Hope to see you all on the battlefield when I get some free time, as usual I will be in the Outlaws server.

Have a great day!
Chris. (shearfear)

New members!
written by .øp^ shearfear - 04.07.2016 - 17:49
Hey all,
Just wanted to inform you about 2 new members who recently joined the DFLW Squad. They go by the names of Shogun & Rumpelstiltskin / @@P. Shogun comes from a predominantly DFLW Demo background so hes a real oldschool player, hes a nice friendly guy and a great asset to OnPoint. I've played alot of games recently with Rumpelstiltskin and he has shown an interest in the clan too so I've let him jump aboard the OnPoint crew! We are doing good at this rate considering DFLW is such an old game, I'm really glad people are coming together and still playing.

I had briefly spoken with Lady from Outlaws squad earlier today and we are looking to arrange some friendly clan matches! I'm personally looking really forward to this as it'll bring back alot of good memories from back in the day when I was playing clan matches throughout the week. I'm sure all you guys would be up for it too! We should arrange some days in the forum when we can all get together and play some maps as the whole team. I know time zones are a slight problem but we will overcome that.

That's it for now, really happy we've gained a few new members lately. Hope you enjoy your stay guys.
Kind Regards,
Chris. (shearfear/vexed)

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