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Files » Delta Force Land Warrior » DFLW Lobby Fix 2017
Having trouble getting online in Delta Force Land Warrior (DFLW)? Then look no further!

Within the zip file is a new Startup.html file which includes 3 lobbies, 1 - Official Novaworld, 2 Novaworld.cc, 3 NovaHQ.

Just copy/extract the file to your DFLW install location.
Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Novalogic\Delta Force Land Warrior\

That's all there is to it!

You should have no problem getting online now, you have 3 lobbies to choose from. If one goes down/offline simply try another.

Many thanks to Scott @ NovaHQ for creating a 3rd alternative lobby for the df community!
Uploaded on: 26.02.2017
Uploader: United Kingdom .øp^ shearfear
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SIZE: 427 Byte
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