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.øp^ shearfear Clanmember
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registered: 25.05.2016
27.05.2016, 22:55 offline quote 

Hey guys, alot of you may remember me from back in the day as .sf. / shearfear (shèárfèár). I used to be very active in DF2 from 1999 to around 2007'ish, most likely longer I honestly can't remember now. Big fan of the MethodMan server (High Desert) and the FlagBall servers (Cant remember names sry) but end zone was a fav map of mine. There was quite a few clans I was in during that time, the last ones I remember was: =Ke1= / .ur1 / Ðr• / Le. The last one was definitely Leet-Elite as I remember that being the last clan I was in before I quit/took a long break. I miss you guys, had some good times back in that squad with players such as: atombomb, eri, mil, nova, still, tali, zevvo there is a few more but I'm struggling to remember was many years ago now!

Pretty much my best friend back then from DF2 was Kensta, I unfortunately lost contact with him a few years back around the time when I moved home and what with MSN/Xfire shutting down I lost many more contacts along the way too. A few days ago I had this sudden urge to play Delta Force again, and so all the memories come back and I've been searching high and low for my old friends and much to my surprise I found Kensta again! I just wish I found ya sooner bro.

Anyway..... In recent years I've renamed to "vexed" and I would ideally prefer to be called that from now on or obviously just call me Chris, that's also fine! but for you oldschool players who know me as shearfear, you can continue calling me that its no problem! smiling
As you may be aware I am the website owner and I am trying to get a community of Delta Force players together and bring back the good old days. There doesn't seem to be an active website for the DF Community with the majority of current players saying they stay in contact via Facebook I don't think that's an ideal situation to be in. So I've created this website and hoping to start a Squad/Clan also. Would be great if we could manage to find enough players from back in the day and get some matches going! Ohhhh the nostalgia.

Bye for now!

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