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registered: 22.02.2018
22.02.2018, 22:46 offline quote 

Yo, lol how cool is it that this game is still out there, had no idea amused
Long time ago i used to play this game all the time, dont know if you guys were around at that time though.
Was one of the leaders of ^ff^along with tool and killuminati, might have to get a stationary pc and start playing this again smiling

Keep it going guys!

øp^ Šhøgµñ Clanmember
Rank 4
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registered: 29.06.2016
23.02.2018, 01:08 offline quote 

it's still around! ????

.øp^ shearfear Clanmember
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registered: 25.05.2016
17.04.2018, 15:29 offline quote 

Hey Marlboro! Yes people are still around and playing... it's quite surprising actually. The numbers are low and nothing like it used to be but the weekends especially and evenings things to still get hectic in game just like the old days haha

We wasn't around back then as .op^ and only 'recently' started playing again simply just due to nostalgia lol. I mainly played df2 back in the day but did play dflw just no where near as much as df2. I do remember ^ff^ tho for sure!

Hopefully we see you around in game some time smiling

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registered: 27.03.2019
27.03.2019, 14:55 offline quote 

please come back to us Karlborough, deleted all my SS's but here's one of me and you on top


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registered: 27.10.2018
09.12.2019, 09:39 offline quote 

My man Marl <3

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