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.øp^ prophet Clanmember
Rank 2
10 Posts
registered: 14.03.2017
14.03.2017, 18:43 offline quote 

Hey guys! I'm here. smiling

.Sk- Clanmember
Rank 3
43 Posts
registered: 03.03.2017
14.03.2017, 19:14 offline quote 

Yooo bro! Welcome to where the cool kids hang. SF has put this all together for us, we got stats, we got servers, forums all of it!

.øp^ shearfear Clanmember
101 Posts
registered: 25.05.2016
14.03.2017, 19:20 offline quote 

Hey Prophet! Shearfear here, Thank you for taking an interest in the squad. I've just received your application to join and have accepted you right away. I was actually going to ask you myself in-game the other day if you would be interested in joining but I've been warned by outlaws not to recruit in their server lol so I was waiting to hopefully see you in one of our servers so we could talk. I'm happy you have our website and have gone ahead and sent a join request. Don't worry about a tryout, you don't need it. You are a decent player and will fit in really well! Very similar playstyle to a few of us here at OP!

We have a few matches coming up soon, and are hopefully going to arrange many more. It seems the dflw community is actually growing lately, slowly... but surely and that's a great thing. It brings back good memories for people to be able to play matches again so I'm sure you'll have alot of fun dude. It's always nice to play DFLW with a group of guys in a squad, so enjoy your time here and welcome aboard!

I'm so glad I started OP in dflw as the way things are going... it's starting to look real good around here! Let's hope more people return and make squads / bring squads back. DFLW shal never die! Let's keep this game and squad active! #MakeDFLWGreatAgain (lmao!)

.øp^ prophet Clanmember
Rank 2
10 Posts
registered: 14.03.2017
14.03.2017, 20:35 offline quote 

Thanks for accepting me, sf! Looking forward to being on a team again! amused I agree that it seems like DFLW is slowly growing again. We're all getting older and getting nostalgic! No other game has made me feel the same as DFLW has. It doesn't matter how long I play, it never gets old! See you soon! smiling

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