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A football match can be incredibly exciting and captivating for viewers, but if there's a penalty or a shootout, the tension increases even more. So, what is a penalty bet? Here, we will reveal effective ways for newcomers to place penalty bets at bookmakers.

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What is a penalty bet?
A penalty bet, also known as an 11-meter bet, is a type of bet that occurs during the final stages of a football match when the scores of both teams are tied after regular time and extra time. A penalty shootout is used to determine the winner, where each team takes turns shooting from the penalty spot.
Placing a penalty bet involves predicting which team will win the penalty shootout. Participants in penalty betting need to have experience with penalty bets and a good understanding of the rules of penalty shootouts.

Popular types of penalty bets in football
In football betting, including penalty betting, there are various types of bets available. The following are some commonly used penalty bet options:
Betting on the total number of penalties in a match.
Predicting whether a match will have a penalty or not.
Betting on which team will be awarded a penalty.
Betting on which team will take the first penalty and which team will take the last penalty.
Handicap penalty betting.
Predicting the total number of penalties taken by both teams.
Betting on the total number of successful penalties by both teams.

A detailed guide to placing penalty bets
When it comes to penalty bets, reputable bookmakers offer handicap and over/under options:
Handicap betting: This involves betting on which team will win the shootout, with the stronger team receiving a smaller payout compared to the weaker team.
Over/under betting: This involves betting on a total of 10 shots, with both teams participating in the penalty shootout.
The player's task is to choose the winning team and predict whether the total number of penalty shots will be over or under. Usually, there are 10 penalty shots, but if one team is ahead by 2 shots, the match will end.
If the player correctly predicts the penalty bet, they will win, and the result of the penalty shootout will determine the payout for the penalty bet.
However, placing penalty bets with a high win rate is not easy because penalty shootouts are unpredictable, and the teams are usually evenly matched. As a result, many people participate in penalty betting, but not everyone wins in this type of online betting.

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Sharing penalty betting tips for newcomers
According to the experience of reputable bookmakers, when the stronger team shoots from the penalty spot, the odds for the winning team will be lower. Typically, bets like this range from 0.6 to 0.7.
For matches with odds that favor the weaker team, the winning rate will be lower, usually ranging from 0.8 to 0.9.
Furthermore, to accurately predict whether a match will have more goals (Over) or fewer goals (Under) during the penalty shootout, players need to understand the bookmakers and closely follow the odds they offer. Normally, if the Over is set at 7 shots, the odds will favor Over.
However, if there is an unexpected shift in favor of Under just before the match, players should choose Under. Conversely, if the odds for Under are set at 7 shots and still have sufficient value, players should bet on Under immediately.
If you are still unsure, you can refer to the following tips on how to analyze penalty bets:
For newcomers, it is advisable to rely on personal judgment when choosing penalty bets, such as predicting the total number of shootout rounds or determining the winning team.
Additionally, it is helpful to research the penalty shootout rules of the teams before the match, enabling accurate predictions about which players will take the penalties.
Moreover, there are bets related to goalkeepers, such as which goalkeeper will save the most penalties.

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We hope that the information provided above about penalty bets and tips for placing penalty bets will help newcomers improve their winning rate in penalty shootouts. If you are a fan of penalty bets, visit reputable bookmakers to experience and demonstrate your "over/under" prediction skills. Good luck! Additionally, you can explore our comprehensive Betting Guide to learn more about other betting strategies!

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