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registered: 10.04.2019
10.04.2019, 15:56 offline quote 

Hey guys, just saw your message on the EKS (Elite Killer Squad) group and am pleasantly surprised to see that DFLW is still active! It's great to see that you're a good community of OG players!

For those who don't know my team, we started around 2006 and most of us moved away from the Delta Force series or gaming entirely but stayed in touch through various methods. We began in DF:Task Force Dagger (DFTFD) and slowly made the move to DFLW when we realised that DFTFD lifespan was nearing its end.

For those who don't know me, I was ranked #1 on the DFTFD leaderboards and held the record for the highest K/D ratio in a ranked server (for which I found the photo on the BaBStats main webpage before it disbanded). It would be great to see how I play after all these years away from the game, I may download it again just for reminiscing sakes and to play with you guys and hopefully get some of the old EKS crew together!

Thanks guys, see you soon!


øp^ Šhøgµñ Clanmember
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registered: 29.06.2016
10.04.2019, 20:55 offline quote 

Man, that's awesome! There are still quite a few EKS players running around. Hope to see you around!

.Sk- Clanmember
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registered: 03.03.2017
18.08.2019, 04:20 offline quote 

Yeah bro, love shooting eks' gg's m8

.op^ .Sk-

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registered: 12.06.2023
18.08.2023, 12:25 offline quote 

In recent years there have been separate men's and women's editions of the Asia Cup held at different times to give due recognition to both genders' efforts within cricket.

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