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registered: 11.03.2017
04.04.2017, 02:22 offline quote 

Well, my guys are itching to go again. Lol. How does a stock tdm match sound on April 16th? Same time. 8gmt. First three maps of the rotation. Last map as warmup. 30min maps, 250 score. Best of 3.

Thinking 5v5, might be able to swing 6v6 if you guys can.

Let me know!

.øp^ prophet Clanmember
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registered: 14.03.2017
04.04.2017, 17:10 offline quote 

I'm a big fat no on Easter Sunday. Lol. My family is big on the holiday.

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registered: 11.03.2017
04.04.2017, 17:42 offline quote 

Shit I completely forgot that it was Easter. Lol

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registered: 15.03.2017
05.04.2017, 00:00 offline quote 

What are some of your thoughts on getting a weekly scrim schedule? Nothing official, and depending on how many players show up we could lend or borrow a few members?


We scramble teams, or have team captains and pick from a list of members that sign up. Give us all a chance to play a somewhat 'competitive' match each week instead of the usual Public games.

Willing to work with whatever you guys think.

.øp^ shearfear Clanmember
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registered: 25.05.2016
05.04.2017, 21:23 offline quote 

That sounds like a great idea to be honest, Sk also mentioned something similar to that a few weeks ago.
Even if we set a day once a week where we all joined the stat map server... it wouldn't feel like "public" as we would all be decent players and not playing so randomly, we could join teamspeak too! I've set channels on there for Blue team and Red team. So we could just join the server and whatever team we get assigned to, join ts on that channel.

DF1 has Sunday meetups and it goes really well! We should really consider something like that for dflw. 99% of time they have a full server playing stock maps on the set day and thats df1... so should be easy for dflw I assume.

Scrims also is fine with me maybe we could get a list of players and throw it in a random generator to pick each player 1 by 1 so its totally random?

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registered: 11.03.2017
07.04.2017, 02:19 offline quote 

I'm enjoying this idea. However, it would probably work best on the weekends. Since this isn't strictly squad vs squad we could probably scrounge up some more players. Hawk would maybe join in on the fun. Think DBD would join in on this?

.Sk- Clanmember
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registered: 03.03.2017
07.04.2017, 19:49 offline quote 

Yeah I think this would be a great idea! Only thing is pinning down a day where most people know to show up. I'm happy to make FB posts or whatever if it will help. We don't want to step on DF1 day toes...what day works best for everyone? I'm good with weekdays after 5 (EST) , weekends (esp Saturdays) I'm usually working, but I could play every now and then. How about Sunday nights/afternoon? Or we could do a reoccuring weekday...Tues afternoon/night scrimmages or whatever. Post here when you effers are available and lets get this blue v red thing rolling.

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registered: 15.03.2017
07.04.2017, 22:08 offline quote 

Best day for me will be Friday/Saturdays.

Sunday nights are a def no go, as I work 3rd shift.

If this hits the ground running, I'll be a lot more active.

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