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Become an actor in bitlife game
https://bitslifeapk.com/become-an-actor/. There are two main paths to becoming an actor in BitLife, but both require some initial prep work:

1. Looks and Voice Acting (Requires DLC or Boss Mode):

This method utilizes the "Actor Job Pack" DLC or the "Boss Mode" perk (both require additional purchase).
Starting Stats: Aim for a character with at least 70 in Looks. Ideally, start a new life to ensure this.
High School Grind: Focus on studying hard throughout your school years.
Voice Acting Career: After graduating high school, search for jobs under "Occupation" > "Special Careers" > "Actor." Look for "Voice Actor" roles and hold onto them for at least six years.
Building Fame: Once you get promoted to "Actor," a Fame bar will appear. Keep working as an actor and take actions that increase your fame (e.g., social media, attending award shows) to fill the bar.
2. Extra Work (Base Game):

This method is available in the base game without DLC and needs a QID to play a game.

The Grind Starts Early: From age eight onwards, focus on activities that improve Looks (e.g., getting expensive clothes, visiting the salon). Taking acting lessons might also be helpful, but it's not mandatory.
Extra Work: Once you turn 18, head to "Occupation" > "Special Careers" > "Actor" and apply for "Extra" roles. Take any and all extra work you find. Exhaust all extra work opportunities before moving on.
Audition Time: After doing enough extra work, you'll unlock the ability to audition for bigger roles under "Occupation" > "Special Careers" > "Actor." Keep applying and hope for the best!

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