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written by .øp^ shearfear - 26.05.2016 - 00:56
Hey everyone, just to let you know I've started working on the website now.
Please don't expect to see if finished in the next day or two, it's going to take around a week. I've got quite a few things to do over the next couple of days.

I've basically created this website to try and get the old Delta Force 1/2/LW community active again.
I know there is still a couple players around now which really surprised me but whenever I ask in-game where is the "go-to" website in regards to the DF Series they either have no idea or just say they stay in contact via Facebook.

I don't think that needs to be the case, not everybody uses Facebook and those that do may not want to use their real personal facebook just to stay in contact with members of the Delta force community / group. Hence I have now created this website, the domain name isn't ideal and it's not really what I wanted to use but its a spare one which I had from a previously shut down clan/organisation of mine and so I thought I would use that meanwhile.

Please do feel free to use the Forums to stay in contact with each-other, arrange games, maybe even some clan matches! (If there ever would be enough players around still lol). The Delta Force community in my opinion is the best gaming community out there and always will be. In recent years the players of newer games seem very hot headed and generally unpleasant to play with and / or against. This of course is my own personal opinion but I am sure a lot of you out there will agree with me. People are just not the same, full of insulting, name calling, just general bitchiness. You can't be good at a game without being called a cheater/hacker or get abuse shouted at you. There is the odd occasion where you'll get complimented. This is where I think straight back to the Delta Force community, everybody is just so friendly, the majority of us know each-other and when we kill each-other, we compliment them with a "nice shot!" and so on. There never really is any bitchiness involved and that is something I really do love about playing Delta Force.

Now, I must end it here as I'm getting carried away. It's time for me to go to bed, can't believe what the time is!
Goodbye for now,
- Chris (shearfear/vexed)

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