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New members!
written by .øp^ shearfear - 04.07.2016 - 17:49
Hey all,
Just wanted to inform you about 2 new members who recently joined the DFLW Squad. They go by the names of Shogun & Rumpelstiltskin / @@P. Shogun comes from a predominantly DFLW Demo background so hes a real oldschool player, hes a nice friendly guy and a great asset to OnPoint. I've played alot of games recently with Rumpelstiltskin and he has shown an interest in the clan too so I've let him jump aboard the OnPoint crew! We are doing good at this rate considering DFLW is such an old game, I'm really glad people are coming together and still playing.

I had briefly spoken with Lady from Outlaws squad earlier today and we are looking to arrange some friendly clan matches! I'm personally looking really forward to this as it'll bring back alot of good memories from back in the day when I was playing clan matches throughout the week. I'm sure all you guys would be up for it too! We should arrange some days in the forum when we can all get together and play some maps as the whole team. I know time zones are a slight problem but we will overcome that.

That's it for now, really happy we've gained a few new members lately. Hope you enjoy your stay guys.
Kind Regards,
Chris. (shearfear/vexed)

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