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written by .øp^ shearfear - 28.02.2017 - 02:01
Hey again!
I just wanted to let the daily visitors know I have created another website called DFStats.tk.
The reason why I have done this is because not many servers have online babstats for their players so I have now made a page that any DFLW server admin may connect to and upload stats. The good thing about this is the whole DFLW Community will have one place to go to where they can view all their stats from ALL servers. Usually each server would have their own stats but by giving the server admins access to my site, we can all upload and share our in-game kills/deaths/gun stats and so on and it will be in one easy to find place.

It's much better having stats from all servers rather than individual server stats... but that's my opinion.
I personally think this was a great idea and the domain name is very easy to remember, it doesn't have random sub-domain extensions so its nice and short.

To all the server admins out there please private message me: HERE asking for the babstats upload information for Lan Messenger.
I will respond to you shortly with the info you need, the sooner we get this done guys the better. I've mentioned it to a few players in-game and they all seemed happy about it!

See you soon guys!
Best of luck in-game.
.øp^ shèárfèár

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