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21.03.17 13:23
Offline Messenger

19029 views - 16 replays
14.03.17 18:43

9392 views - 3 replays
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12.04.17 04:42
Welcome mK & Zz
Welcome, dudes!
11.04.17 09:04
OnPoint VS DBD Re-Match - Sunday 19th March
Rahl, my laptop has been in the repair shop so I've haven't been on lately. Itching to get back.
04.04.17 05:10
April 16th
I'm a big fat no on Easter Sunday. Lol. My family is big on the holiday.
31.03.17 12:54
OnPoint vs DK - April 1st.
Dune City, Eternal Equinox, and maybe Snow Valley? Screw the fog maps. :)

Btw. Visited...
21.03.17 01:23
Offline Messenger
Are we going to use any kind of offline messenger to communicate outside of game and quickly?...
21.03.17 01:19
DF2 game
I play every once in a while. DF2 just doesn't compare to DFLW to me, though. It's really hard...
16.03.17 05:08
Welcome prophet & SideEffect
Thanks! I can do gunner well, but my passion was medic. I was on the top50 leaderboard for...
16.03.17 04:59
OnPoint vs DK - April 1st.
I can potentially make it. Things change when you have a baby, but I'll try and make it happen!
14.03.17 08:35
Thanks for accepting me, sf! Looking forward to being on a team again! :D I agree that it seems...
14.03.17 06:43
Hey guys! I'm here. :)

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