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DFLW Lobby Fix 2017
written by .øp^ shearfear - 26.02.2017 - 23:26
Hey all,
The last few days the Novaworld.cc alternative lobby has been offline. I'm sure it will come back sooner or later but luckily Scott over at NovaHQ has created another alternative lobby for the DF Community and is hosting it on the novahq site.

You will have 3 lobbies to choose from now when trying to join multiplayer, 1: Official Novaworld, 2: Novaworld.cc, 3: NovaHQ.
So whenever one goes down/offline simply join another one smiling You should have no problems getting online now!

I have put a download for the lobby fix in the dflw download section here: http://onpoint-esports...dex.php?site=files&file=8
I've also updated the DFLW full game download with the new lobby fix here: http://onpoint-esports...dex.php?site=files&file=7

Hope that helps anyone who couldn't get online lately!
Good luck and have fun. smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile

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